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Designed for the most comfort and control on a gravel bike.


The Superghiaia shape is optimized for comfort regardless of where you hold it. The centre section comes straight from our award-winning Superergo comfort bar while the corner grip adds a new position of great comfort for climbing. The top section drops curves straight down so the hoods are in the best comfort position, while the extreme flat under the hood creates a wider hand position.

All these comfort features also increase control, as a proper grip on our handlebars helps you manoeuvre better, while the bottom flat and wider hand position give you more leverage.

DROP GRIP: The gradual change in curvature makes the grips comfortable for hands of all sizes. The tighter top bend ensures the newest Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo shift/brake levers align perfectly for a very comfortable hand position on the hoods.

CORNER GRIP: More and more people ride extended periods of time with their hands in the corners, yet in ergonomic design this area never received any attention. Our new corner design improves comfort and creates a more secure grip.

CENTER GRIP: When we surveyed our customers about their desires for this new ergonomic bar, amateur and professionals alike pleaded with us not to change this area at all. It’s that comfortable. So we left it alone.

Material Unidirectional carbon - ultralight layup

Cable routing Internal cable channels

Clamp diameter 31.8mm

Stem torque 6Nm maximum

Shift/brake lever torque 8Nm maximum

Clip-ons Not compatible

Di2 compatibility Fully compatible, including with Di2 bar plug Junction A

Finish Stealth black

3T Bike
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