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Why suffer for speed? Strada is the fastest bike, designed around bigger road tires.

Minimalist seatstays & curved seattube give even more comfort & better aerodynamics.


From the start, our goal for the Strada was the best aerodynamics AND comfort. Because without comfort, you won’t be able to maintain your aero position. While push the limits of aerodynamics and comfort in every detail, the New Strada has two clearly distinct zones: Speed zone: the front half of the bike, with its ultra-deep yet narrow headtube, wrap-around downtube and bladed fork.

Comfort zone: the curved seattube, slender seatstays and long exposed seatpost provide the ultimate comfort while also helping aerodynamics


Tires provide more compliance than any other part of the bike. Wider tires are better at reducing shocks from cracks, curbs, cobbles and potholes, They even have lower rolling resistance, because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing.

In addition, wider tires reduce fatigue caused by high-frequency road buzz. But aerodynamics are also important on such rides, and the Strada remains the first aero bike engineered around wider tires (just like the Discus wheel range is engineered specifically around wider tires). Finally, you can be fast and comfortable all day, every day, with one and the same bike.


As co-founder of Cervélo, our Head of Design Gerard Vroomen loves aerodynamics. Not just the theory, but real world aerodynamics. So we test at 20mph (32kmh) and 30mph (48kmh), we test with bottles and other “difficult parts”, we sometimes even test dirty and muddy bikes. But while the aero details of the Strada range stand out, he is proudest that it has started a worldwide trend towards more tire clearance on aero bikes. Comfort & speed.


Running cables internally can be nice and potentially reduce aero drag, but what is the point if you end up with a very wide and bulky headtube with oversized bearings to house the cables?

Our goal was to hide the cables but keep the headtube narrow and keep the same narrow bearings of the original Strada. Quite the puzzle but the result is stunning. In the front view, you will see our bearings are still narrow and the headtube even thins down in between them. In the side view, you’ll see the headtube is deeper and with a full aero “nose”, taking full advantage of the new UCI rules.

To top it off, the cables hide inside the 3T Apto Integrale, using the original minimalist Apto shape but with cable guidance. Beauty meets functionality as this gives you full adjustability to find the perfect fit. Because aerodynamics are meaningless if you cannot stay comfortably in your aero position. 3T Integrale is compatible with SRAM and Shimano electronic drivetrains, both 2x and 1x.

MINIMALIST CROWN: Instead of a bulky, unaero crown, we minimize its size. This improves the crown’s aerodynamics and moves the front wheel closer to the downtube, creating a perfect transition for the airflow.

CONTINUOUS FIBER CROWN: The integrated carbon bearing race uses a separate ring layup (green), so fibers in the fork crown run more straight from the legs into the steerer for a strong and stiff connection.

SQAERO FORK LEGS: The Sqaero fork airfoil only has a small truncation, perfect to guide the airflow around the front wheel and boost fork stiffness. Different left & right profiles are used to counteract braking forces.

MAXIMIZED CURVED CUT-OUT: The curved seattube covers more of the rear wheel and provides extra comfort.

MIND THE GAP: The downtube closely follows the front wheel for better airflow transition and less turbulence.

32MM DOWNTUBE NECK 32MM DOWNTUBE NECK: In front of the water bottle, the downtube narrows to perfectly match the front tire airflow.

NARROW & DEEP HEADTUBE Narrow (1.125"-1.25" cups instead of common 1.5" for internal cable routing) is aero. Deep guides the airflow. All cables inside.

BIG STEERER: Inside the narrow headtube is a steerer with a large 1.5” lower section for best strength and stiffness.

3T MINMAX INTEGRALE HEADSET: To fit this big 1.5" steerer inside the narrow 1.125"-1.25" headtube cups, we use this custom ultra-sleek high-load headset.

TIRE CLEARANCE: Fits tires up to 30mm WAM and 344mm RAM.

THREADED BB: All Strada complete bikes come with threaded BBs without any alloy rings in the carbon (added weight, complexity and debonding risk).

DIRECT-MOUNT FRONT BRAKE: Standard forks require a flip-flop adaptor to set the correct brake rotor size. Our direct-mount pre-sets the caliper for 160mm rotors without any extra pieces.

SELF-ALIGNING WEDGE CLAMP: Self-adjusting bolt angle for higher clamping forces with lower torque.

RITCHEY RAIL CLAMP: The new standard for road bikes, available for round and oval rails.

Frame 3T Strada Integrale 2X (FD hanger is part of the frame)

Frame material Unidirectional pre-preg carbon, High-modulus/high-strength performance blend layup

Fork 3T Fundi Integrale

Headset 3T MinMax Integrale IS42/31.8 + IS47/33

Thru-axle 100x12 front - 142x12 rear

Handlebar 3T Superergo Integrale LTD XXS: 38cm - 51: 40cm - 54&56: 42cm - 58: 44cm)

Stem 3T Apto Stealth (XXS:70mm - 51:80mm - 54: 90mm - 56:100mm - 58:110mm - 61:120mm)

Front Derailleur Sram Rival AXS

Rear Derailleur Sram RIval AXS max 36T

Shift/brake levers Sram Rival AXS

Brakes Sram Rival AXS Hydraulic Disc w/ Sram 160mm rotor

Crankset Sram Rival AXS, 46-33T, narrow Q-factor (XXS: 165mm - 51: 170mm - 54&56: 172,5mm - 58&61: 175mm)

Cassette 12-speed Rival AXS 10-36T

Wheelset Fulcrum Rapid Red 900, 700c, 22mm internal width, tubeless ready (upgrade to 3T Discus 45|32 LTD possible)

Seatpost Strada seatpost for Ritchey clamp

Saddle Selle Italia Model X Superflow

3T Bike
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