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Le Melo


le melo Performance+ is a natural food supplement for more performance thanks to improved performance based on cordyceps and CoQ10 (ubiquinol (Kaneka)).

Our Performance+ provides your body with a scientifically balanced combination of nutrients that will increase your training volume, boost your performance and support your recovery.

This unique dietary supplement combines our most popular mushrooms, vitamins and active ingredients into a product that is 100% designed for endurance athletes.

It contains scientifically tested and balanced ingredients - including a full daily dose of multivitamins, magnesium and coenzyme Q10.

Our science team has developed le melo Performance+ to support your body with cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance.

Whether you're training for a marathon or your life, Performance+ gives you a new secret weapon for increased performance. Let's go!

  • Supports aerobic performance
  • Supports training volume
  • Helps your body with cellular energy
  • Guaranteed bioavailability: All active ingredients are scientifically tested and quality checked.
  • 60 capsules (1 month supply)

Ingredients Magnesiumcitrat, Cordyceps Extrakt, Kapselhülle: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Calcium-L-ascorbat (Vit. C), Ubiquinol Coenzym Q102, Eisenfumarat, D-Tocopherylacetat (Vit. E), Nicotinamid (Vit. B3), Cholecalciferol (Vit. D), Pteroylmonoglutaminsäure 1) CPA³ by Mycotrition, 2)Kaneka UbiquinolTM

Le Melo
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