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Le Melo

ENERGY - Green Machine

Sweating during intense exercise leads to depletion of minerals and electrolytes - that's what melo is for!

Ciao muscle cramps, hello fun during your workout (and after).

✅ 80 mg of caffeine for a long-lasting energy boost. 💧 Refreshingly healthy, with less than 20 calories per drink. 🌱 Over 1000 mg of electrolytes per bar. 🥇 For hydration and performance.

Natural caffeine and guarana boost peak performance: perfect for morning workouts, but also for fun during the day. Also included: dextrose and isomaltulose carbohydrates for a balanced sports drink.

Up to 4 sticks per day. Simply open, stir or shake and enjoy with 500-750 ml of water.

  • More than 1000 mg of electrolytes per stick
  • Over 80 mg of caffeine!
  • Stimulant effect of caffeine (against fatigue and performance drops).
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) to increase metabolism
  • Vitamin B12: good for red blood cells
Le Melo
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