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Liquid Tubeless 250 ml

Anti - puncture Sealant Liquid for Tubeless Ride PANZER 250ml .

100% developed by the PANZER brand, they are pioneers in the field of tubeless liquid, fully compatible with most Mousse Systems on the international market.

PANZER SEALANT has adhesive properties worthy of a contact glue which, in turn, remains completely liquid for a long period of time thanks to its wetting compounds.

Its composition DOES NOT CONTAIN LATEX OR AMMONIA , and its Ph is Neutral, thus avoiding any type of adverse reaction in contact with the materials currently used in tires , tubeless rim strips and insert protection systems .

  • Without Latex or Ammonia.
  • Great sealing capacity.
  • Durability.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Compatible with mousse systems.
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