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Men's Origin Bib Short Cream

The Men's Origin Bib Shorts are comfortable and versatile bib shorts designed for different types of riding and cyclists.

They are made from high-quality materials and feature our high-end King chamois for improved comfort on long rides.

  • The Men´s Origin Bib Shorts provide a comfortable fit for all body types with stretchy fabrics and a relaxed pattern design that offers all-around comfort.
  • The King Chamois with three densities and temperature control fabric is optimized for long rides with reinforced pelvic support and a wider central channel to improve blood flow and reduce numbness.
  • The raw cut leg opening with a silicone grip (Sigmagrip) ensures a strong grip to prevent movement of the bib short, providing a clean, comfortable look without extra stitches.
  • The comfortable waist with higher waistline and extra stretch accommodates all types of cyclists, providing additional support and ensuring that the bib shorts stay in place during the ride.
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