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DIY Headset Tool

There is probably nothing worse than a bad, missing or not suitable tool.

Our solution for the quick and easy installation of headsets: the functional diy-tool. Perfect for everyone, whether hobbyist or professional mechanic.

The press-in adapters fit the ball bearings of most headset types: namely zs44, zs44-block, zs55, zs56, zs56-block, ec34, ec44 and ec49.

When pressing in, only the outer ring of the bearing is loaded, which means that you can protect the ball bearing and not damage it during pressing in. Thus, you extend the life of your headset already during installation.

  • Suitable for most headsets
  • Lightweight and compact dimensions, perfect for on the road
  • Press-in adapter made of fiber-reinforced plastic protects the bicycle frame
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
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