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Le Melo


Taste that convinces: let yourself be seduced by the exotic symphony of tangy yuzu or tropical punch.

A refreshing drink that takes you on a tropical journey with its harmonious balance of citrus or fruit flavors, without a hint of sugar.

Performance without concessions: Our carefully selected blend of electrolytes and essential vitamins provides your body with everything it needs without the ballast of extra sugar calories.

Always and everywhere with you: In a compact stick format, perfect for your active lifestyle, you can enjoy your energy boost anytime - sugar-free.

The SUGARFREE variant is more than a choice - it's an investment in a performance-driven, sugar-free lifestyle that helps you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

  • With L-creatinine and creatine, energy is delivered where it is needed.
  • An ideal tool for fast sprints and peak workouts.
  • With 3 different compounds of magnesium, sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D and chromium, the best combination for hydration in the whole line!
Le Melo
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