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Le Melo


Our new trial pack for you - 3 products - 3 tastes - 3 functions + drinking bottle!


Sweating during intense exercise leads to mineral and electrolyte depletion. That's what le melo is for! Ciao muscle cramps, hello fun during training (and afterwards).

Get 5 samples each of our 3 varieties:

  • Watermelon & Carbohydrates with tri-carbohydrate boost for longer rides.
  • Pink Grapefruit & Caffeine with natural caffeine and guarana but less than 20 calories for a kick in between.
  • Yuzu & low carb as a completely sugar-free solution for the keto training plan.

le melo sets a new standard for holistic endurance performance. And here's the entire product range of our sports drinks!

  • 🍉 Three tastes
  • 🚴 Three benefits -🥇 For hydration and performance
  • ✅ Content: 15 sticks + drinking bottle!
Le Melo
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