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The discerning road and adventure cyclist who requires efficient and dependable inflation when completing a road or trailside tire repair.

Sized to fit your pocket. POCKET IMPERO works on Presta valves.

Heat is the enemy of mini-pumps. More strokes generate more friction which produces more heat and heat is wasted energy.

Unlike most mini-pumps, POCKET IMPERO does not suffer from efficiency loss when hot.

POCKET IMPERO is between a high-pressure and high-volume pump. At 200 strokes the POCKET IMPERO reaches higher pressures than any other pocketable pump ever tested in the BikeRadar test protocol, meaning that it is pushing more air with fewer losses than pumps of either high-pressure or high-volume designs.

The unique Slide-Lock Silicone sleeve improves grip and doubles as a handle lock when in your pocket.

  • Full alloy construction with CNC alloy head
  • Premium leather piston gasket and brass check-valve
  • Slide-Lock Silicone sleeve
  • Length: 8 in (20.3cm)
  • Weight: 5.3 oz (150gm)
  • Pressure at 200 strokes (BikeRadar protocol): 89psi
  • Warranty: Silca Shield, 25 year hard parts warranty
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