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Signature Long Sleeve Jersey Blue

The jerseys in our Signature Collection have slightly higher pockets, with diagonally cut ends for easy access.

A high-waisted, non-slip waistband keeps the jersey securely in place, and our YKK zip with double carriage allows the jersey to be opened at both ends.

Stretchy, breathable and with a membrane on the front. Each piece adapts perfectly to your position on the bike, promoting performance without restricting you movements. 

Signature fabrics strike the perfect balance between stretch and compression without losing protection. We combine four different materials including front jacquard fabric for improved aerodynamics. The side panels and sleeves provide added comfort and breathability. And the back has good thermal protection.

Our Signature jerseys' sleeves and side panels are made of very light, stretchy thermal lycra to improve comfort and breathability. With your Signature jersey, you’ll enjoy high quality so you can focus on performance.

  • Race cut
  • Tailored fit
  • Thermal fabrics
  • Polyester and lycra mix
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