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Women's Aero Jersey // 'Feuer'

Our Aero Jersey consists of four different, particularly light and cooling materials.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER Therefore, the delivery time assigned to the product is not valid. The delivery of the items is expected at the end of July.

The front part manages - thanks to its surface structure - the balancing act between the surface increase so important for the cooling effect and a knitted structure, which also scores with good aerodynamic values.

The complex body mapping guarantees an ergonomic fit, while the mesh inserts at the hotspots ensure additional ventilation. In addition, the combination of raglan sleeves and a separately incorporated, particularly elastic shoulder section ensures maximum freedom of movement.

The Rawcut sleeve cuffs also offer a plus in aerodynamics and the three classic back pockets provide space for essentials such as cell phone, gel and bar.

  • Very aerodynamic cut
  • Sporty slim fit
  • Laser cut cuffs
  • Fitting collar
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Moving Wing Technology (separately incorporated and particularly elastic shoulder area)
  • 3 classic back pockets
  • Tailcoat cut (back part longer than front part)

IMPORTANT: When choosing your size, please note that our jersey has a very aerodynamic cut and is therefore narrower! We therefore recommend ordering the jersey one size larger than 'usual'.

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