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The ELEMNT ROAM 2 takes bike navigation to a new level! Powerful on-board navigation and a bright, highly durable 2.7" color display offer features unrivaled in bicycle navigation:

NEW compared to the previous Roam 1:

  • Summit Segments: shows you all climbs along your route
  • Public Route Sharing: Easily share routes with other ELEMNT users next to you
  • Supersapien's integration
  • Dual band GPS
  • 64Color screen
  • with 32GB a larger memory
  • SYSTM integration
  • USB-C connection

The color display selectively uses colors to highlight harsher terrain or make your performance metrics more visible. Furthermore, the light-sensitive display adapts to the environment and thus improves legibility significantly. So that this also works on the wildest tours, it is equipped with almost unbreakable Gorilla Glass.

But of course the ROAM has retained the strengths of the ELEMNT and the BOLT: easy-to-use buttons, zoom function, LEDs support, adjustment via the user-friendly smartphone app, 100% wireless, compatible with a large number of third-party apps, of course with the Wahoo KICKR system, etc.

  • Display size: 68.6mm (2.7")
  • Weight: 93.5g
  • Rechargeable - up to 17 hours of battery life
  • IPX7 water resistant to 1.5m
  • Front mount bracket and stem included Altimeter
  • 2 rows of LED lights


  • Bluetooth Sensors: heart rate, speed, cadence and power
  • ANT+ sensors: heart rate, speed, cadence, power, electronic shifting systems, muscle oxygen
  • ANT+ FE-C control
  • WiFi
  • iPhone and Android compatibility
  • Built-in GPS
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